One Veteran Suicide is One Too Many

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To combat veteran suicide through a peer-to-peer support network while providing fellowship and camaraderie to empower all veterans 



We intend to provide veterans of all era's with their "next unit" where they may access tools to support transition from military to civilian life and cope with military-experience related challenges. We do this with the three pillars of success. 

–Developing a sense of purpose

–Improving and sustaining mind/body wellness and awareness

–Expanding a social network


“Its such a relief to be around a group of people who understand you without judging because they've been through it also. I highly recommend coming to a meeting”

One Fight Foundation member


Why We Exist

Enough is enough. Every day 22 Veterans take their own lives. We are a Non-Profit organization fighting for our brothers in arms. We’ve all been there: Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Bosnia, Panama, Grenada, Kosovo, Korea, Vietnam, and the million different places the military has been to over the past century.

We’ve been there. We’ve been in your shoes. We know the failings of the Department of Veterans Affairs. We know that the VFW is no longer a place for just Veterans of Foreign Wars. The American Legion is filled with people who have never been in a uniform. What does that mean for all of us? Where does that leave us? Not alone. Here are some statistics:

  • Veteran suicide is not a problem unique to the younger generation. 69% of victims are >50yrs old. The fastest growing suicide demographic is WWII veterans.
  • 22 veterans a day or 1 every 65 minutes take their own lives. That is 8,030 a year. There are 315 attempts per day or just fewer than 115, 000 per year.
  • Veterans make up just 7% of the general population but account for 20% of all suicides.
  • Female veterans are 6 times as likely to commit suicide as their civilian counterparts. They are 12 times as likely if they fall between the ages of 19-29.
  • More Vietnam veterans have committed suicide than are listed on the wall.
  • In 2012 295 service members died in combat in Afghanistan. 349 active duty service members committed suicide that same year.
  • The Department of Defense Suicide Event Report (SER) 2014 found that 50% of active duty suicide victims have never deployed outside the United States let alone been to combat

The One Fight Foundation has begun the first veteran peer-to-peer mentor-ship and social support network of its kind in the Lehigh Valley. We seek to help facilitate veterans in a time of crisis to turn to those who know them best and can understand them most – other veterans. It is our vision that no veteran will go through a time of crisis alone. Join us in the battle to save veteran lives one life and one fight at a time.


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