How we work

Develop a sense of purpose

In the military, we’re often told what to do and how to do it. We’re given our mission and told what our purpose is and how it’s making the world and our country a better place. After leaving, it seems our purpose changes but we’re left to figure that out on our own. For many it’s difficult to leave the military network we’re so accustomed, into a world where we must now learn to embody every rank, officer AND enlisted, into our own life, in order to not just survive, but thrive. One Fight Foundation encourages veterans, regardless of where they are in life, to learn different tools to add to their tool belt so they can be better equipped for civilian life and to start on the path to rediscover their own purpose, whatever that means to the individual.


improving and sustaining mind/body wellness and awareness

It’s no secret the key to an improved quality of life starts with health and wellness. We must take care of our own bodies and minds in order to physically and mentally perform the best we can be. Our programs and resources help veterans learn about healthy living, which includes fitness, food, mindfulness training and writing workshops, to name a few.


expanding a social network

One of the biggest keys to happiness is the quality of our personal and professional relationships. Learning to build and maintain those quality relationships, the ones that give you energy for life, can play a significant role in combating depression and PTSD that can be exacerbated from loneliness. One Fight Foundation’s peer-to-peer, veteran-only, support group, other programs and partners can play a key role in expanding a person’s network and building the once-lost camaraderie we once had while in the military.


how your donations help


100% goes to programs and weekly essentials that help our veterans

Our entire staff is on a volunteer basis.

We don’t take a salary so we can maximize your contributions towards programs that our veterans can benefit from. We also partner with other organizations and use your contributions for the veterans travel expenses to partake in resources from other organisations whose niche fits with One Fight Foundation’s mission.