One Fight Foundation Executive Board of Directors

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Michael Hoherchak


I started my military career in the Army in 2004. My job was Field Artillery stationed at Ft. Sill, OK. During my two Iraq deployments, I saw first hand, how war affects people; some for the better and some for the worst. It was here, I first got interested to wonder why. I left the Army as an Non-Commissioned Officer and learned a lot about leadership and people management, which, set me on the path to self development and learning about my own psychology. After leaving 5 years active duty, I got involved with a sales and marketing company where, after doing well, I was offered to start my own franchise. During this time, I got a degree in Marketing and helped a group of friends start another non-profit. I was introduced to One Fight Foundation through a friend and became a member, I loved the mission and offered to volunteer to help any way I can. I believe this mission is important and needed.


Leanne Muffley

vice president of operations and finance

“Meeting people where they’re at,” is the personal and professional motto that I apply to my everyday interactions. Born in Reading and growing up in Allentown, PA, I was the third oldest of five children, which helped build strong attributes of compassion, empathy, commitment, and dedication.

I learned early on that I had an appreciation for the work ethic and structure that the military offered. While attending William Allen High School, I was an active member in the ROTC program. After high school, I left for college, while childhood friends enlisted in the military. I learned a lot about the commitment and sacrifices that military families make, witnessing lifelong friends being deployed and their families at home anxiously anticipating correspondence with them. In 2005, I graduated from Bloomsburg University with a Bachelors of Arts Degree with a concentration in Sociology.

Later that year, I began my career working as a Youth Counselor and then as a Social Worker for the next six years, focusing on crisis intervention and mental health issues. In 2012, I embarked in a new direction with my career and is currently working in Clinical Research for ICON Clinical Research. I serves as the President of the One Fight Foundation as a means to give back to those who gave so much.

Outside of work, I stay active with my husband David, daughter Brooklyn, and her Yorkie Belle.


Jenny Pacanowski

creative artistic liaison

I am a poet/combat veteran/facilitator/public speaker/actor/curator.

In the Army while deployed to Iraq, I was a combat medic and provided medical support for convoys with the Marines, Air Force and the Army. I also did shifts in the Navy medical hospital. In Germany, I was part of a medical evacuation company.

Currently, I collaborate with Impact Theatre, Aquila Theatre, Intersections International, One Fight Foundation, CUNY, Ithaca College, Syracuse University, Poetic Theater Productions, Bedlam Outreach, Service Together and The Military Resilience Project along with many other organizations. I have founded and act as the director of FVET; Female Veterans Empowered to Transition which is held at Camel’s Hump Farm in Bethlehem, PA. I have performed at the Lincoln Center Atrium, The New York Cultural and Ethical Society, Poetic License: Kicking down Doors, Veterans Special at the Lucid Body House, LaGuardia Community College Veteran Week and Aquila Theatre@ GK arts center. I have been published in, “The War Horse,” “Spring Street,” “Common Ground,” “Reflections; Public Rhetoric, Civic Writing and Service Learning,” “Journal of Military Behavioral Health,” “The Indypendent, online magazine,” “The I’mpossible Project,” and multiple poetry anthologies. As a veteran myself, my goal is to help veterans and civilians by healing the wounds of war and military culture through the arts. I hope by creating smoother reintegration programs; it will facilitate lowering the suicide, homelessness and addiction epidemics that plague our veterans.